Yuzhi Chen, Ph.D.

Yuzhi Chen, Ph.D.Title
Assistant Professor of Geriatrics and Neurobiology & Developmental Sciences

University of Massachusetts Amherst, 1997 (Neuroscience and Virology)

Post Doctoral Training
Harvard Medical School, Boston

Research Interests
Dr. Chen’s primary research interest is in elucidating the signaling events that lead to neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The research projects include APP function and processing, Cullin ubiquitin ligase in neuronal function, and neural stem cell development.

Email: ChenYuzhi@uams.edu

Address: Room 3166, Reynolds Institute on Aging

Mailing Address: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
4301 West Markham St., Slot 807
Little Rock, AR 72205

Phone: 501-526-5805

Fax: 501-526-5830

Selected Publications

1. Chen Y, McPhie DL, Hirschberg J, Neve RL. The amyloid precursor protein-binding protein APP-BP1 drives the cell cycle through the S-M checkpoint and causes apoptosis in neurons. J. Biol. Chem.2000; 275:8929-35.

2. Ohh M, Kim WY, Moslehi JJ,Chen Y, Chau V, Read MA, Kaelin WG Jr. An intact NEDD8 pathway is required for Cullin-dependent ubiquitylation in mammalian cells. EMBO Rep.2002; 3 (2): 177-182.

3. Chen Y, Liu W, Naumovski L, Neve RL. ASPP2 inhibits APP-BP1-mediated NEDD8 conjugation to Cullin-1 and decreases APP-BP1-induced cell proliferation and neuronal apoptosis. J. Neurochem.2003a, 85:801-809.

4. McPhie DL, Coopersmith, R, Hines-Peralta A, Chen Y, Ivins KJ, Manly SP, Kozlowski MR, Neve KA, Neve RL. DNA synthesis and neuronal apoptosis caused by familial Alzheimer’s disease mutants of the amyloid precursor protein are mediated by the p21 activated kinase PAK3. J. Neurosci.2003; 23(17):6914-6927.

5. Chen Y, Liu W, McPhie DL, Hassinger L, Neve RL. APP-BP1 mediates APP-induced apoptosis and DNA synthesis and is increased in Alzheimer’s disease brain. J. Cell Biol.2003b; 163(1):27-33.

6. Chen Y, Bodles AM, McPhie DL, Neve RL, Mrak RE and W. Griffin WST. APP-BP1 Inhibits Abeta42 Levels by Interacting with Presenilin-1. Molecular Neurodegeneration.2007, 2:3.

7. Laifenfeld D, Patzek LJ, Chen Y, Asiala S, Cataldo AM and Neve RL. Rab5 Mediates an APP Signaling Pathway that Leads to Apoptosis. J. Neurosci.2007; 27:7141-53.

8. Chen Y, Bodles AM. Amyloid precursor protein (APP) modulates β-catenin degradation: a study using primary neurons. Journal of Neuroinflammation. 2007; 4:29. (Highly accessed at http://www.jneuroinflammation.com/content/4/1/29)

9. Chen Y, Dong C. Aβ40 and Aβ42 affect cell fate decisions and cell cycle progression in neural precursor cells. Cell Death and Differentiation. 2009, 16:386-394.