David L. Davies, Ph.D.

David Davies


Louisiana State University Medical Center, New Orleans

Post Doctoral Training
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver

Research Interests
Current research is a two-year multifaceted education-related project to assess the efficacy of a joint interdisciplinary effort to increase the content of pathology in the curriculum’s new Human Structure module (formerly gross anatomy). A very significant element of the project is to have each of 35 dissection teams obtain biopsies from the donor’s cadaveric remains, and to have the Department of Pathology’s clinical laboratory process the tissue and prepare microscopic slides for the teams to examine. Because the dissection teams chose (with some guidance from the faculty) what organs to biopsy, they have to determine their own learning objectives and critically assess and share the findings of their anatomical investigation. Preliminary findings concerning the active learning and self-directed discovery features of the project have been published as abstracts for two national societies.

Previous NIH-supported experimental work focused on the pathogenesis of developmental and neurodegenerative disorders resulting from substance abuse. Specifically, the laboratory engaged in studies designed to determine the extent to which acute and chronic alcohol use alters the repair of cerebral tissue in the aftermath of traumatic injury. Cerebral cell and organotypic cultures, in vivo models were used to assess the responses of astrocytes and microglia to cytokines and/or alcohol. These studies endeavor to provide basic information regarding the cascade of cell proliferative and reactive mechanisms elicited at the site of brain lesions resulting from traumatic injury. Since alcohol abuse is a predisposing factor for trauma, an understanding of the influence of alcohol on the metabolism and reactivity of glial cells will be beneficial for the design of appropriate clinical treatment protocols. Dr. Davies directs the Human Structure (medical gross anatomy) course, is co-chairs the Basic Science Education Subcommittee of the College of Medicine Curriculum Committee and helps teach the Cellular and Developmental Neuroscience graduate course.

Email: daviesdavidl@uams.edu

Office: Shorey 8/11
Mailing address: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
4301 West Markham St., Slot 510
Little Rock, AR 72205

Phone: 501-686-5184

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