Edgar R. Meyer

Edgar R. Meyer, Ph.D.Title
Assistant Professor

The University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, Mississippi.

Major Interests
Gross anatomy, histology (microscopic anatomy), embryology (developmental anatomy), neuroanatomy, and virtual anatomy

Research Interests

Dissertation research included an examination of the impact of virtual 3D anatomical models of the middle and inner ear on first-year medical students’ short- and long-term retention.  Additional research interests include exploring the effects of virtual 3D models of other anatomical regions, especially those of high complexity and limited accessibility, such as the pelvis, on health sciences students’ short- and long-term retention.  Future directions of research will include additional educational research projects that study how specific instructional interventions, teaching methods, technology, environmental factors, and/or other variables impacting classroom or laboratory scenarios affect students’ learning.

Email: ermeyer@uams.edu

Office: Shorey, Room 938 (temporary); Shorey, Room 902 (permanent)
Mailing address: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
4301 West Markham St., Slot 510
Little Rock, AR 72205

Phone: 501-686-5782