Mark S. Mennemeier, Ph.D.

Mark S. Mennemeier, Ph.D.Title
Professor, Director of the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Laboratory in the Center for Translational Neuroscience.

Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

University of Florida, Departments of Psychology and Neurology, and Center for Neuropsychology Studies

Research Interests
Dr. Mennemeier’s work focuses on the neural mechanisms of attention, awareness, and sensory perception. Specifically, his studies examine how brain injury causes clinical disorders such as the neglect syndrome and how this information can be used to design rehabilitation therapies. Additionally, Dr. Mennemeier uses repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) to research and treat clinical disorders like tinnitus and to study normal sensory perception.


Office: Jackson T. Stephens Spine & Neuroscience Institute, Room 1113
Mailing address:
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
4301 West Markham St., Slot 826
Little Rock, AR 72205

Phone: 501 526-7773

CTN Research

Tinnitus Treatment

Selected Publications

Mennemeier, M., Pierce, C.A., Chatterjee,A., Anderson, B, Jewell,G., Dowler,R., Woods,A.J., Glenn, T., and Mark,V.M. Biases in attentional orientation and magnitude estimation explain crossover: neglect is a disorder of both. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 2005, 17:8, 1194-1211.

Woods, A.J., Mennemeier, M., Garcia-Rill, E., Meythaler, J., Mark, V.W., Jewell, G.R., Murphy, H. Altered ratio scaling for magnitude estimates of stimulus intensity after left hemisphere injury. Neuropsychologia, 2006, 44(8), 1406-1412..

Taylor-Cooke, P.A., Ricci, R., Banos, J.H., Xhiu, X., Woods, A.J., Mennemeier, M. Perception of motor strength and stimulus magnitude are correlated in stroke patients. Neurology, 2006, 66: 1444-1456.

Richter, G.T., Mennemeier, M., Bartel, T.,helette, K.C., Kimbrell. T., Triggs, W., Dornhoffer, J.L., Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Tinnitus: a case study. The Laryngoscope, 2006, 116, 1867-1872.

Dornhoffer, J. L., Mennemeier, M., S. TMS and Tinnitus: Implications for theory and practice. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry, 2006, 103, 135.