Mohsin M. Syed, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Physiology, Nagoya University, Japan, 1993

Research Interests
Study of the role of proinflamammatory mediators IL-1, TNF-alpha on connexin expression and the functional importance of Cx43 (Gap junction protein) in disease pathogenesis in a mouse model of Staphyllococus aureus- induced experimental brain abscess. • Gap junction communication in glial cells and effect of bacteria and bacterial cell wall products in modulating gap junction communication in normal and genetically manipulated animals. • Toll Like receptor 2 (TLR2) expression in astrocyte and microglia, effect of cytokines in TLR2 expression. Signal transduction and various signaling pathways specially NF-kB pathway • Activity dependent developmental changes in the mammalian retina, focusing mainly on the generation, mechanism, dynamics and function of the spontaneous Ca2+ waves in development and refinement of visual system.

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Phone: (501) 526-7885

Fax: (501) 526-6756

Selected Publications

1. Mohsin Md. Syed, Nirmal K. Phulwani, and Tammy Kielian. Tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-cc) regulates Toll-like receptor 2 (TLR2) expression in microglia. Journal of Neurochemistry 2007- In the press.

2. Tammy Kielian, Nilufer Esen, Shuliang Liu, Nirmal K. Phulwani, Mohsin Md. Syed, Koren Nishina, Ambrose L. Cheung, Joseph D. Schwartzman, and Jorg J. Ruhe. Minocycline Modulates Neuroinflammation Independently of Its Antimicrobial Activity in Staphylococcus aureus-Induced Brain Abscess. American Journal of Pathology, 2007-In the press

3. Tammy Kielian, Nirmal K. Phulwani, Nilufer Esen, Mohsin Md. Syed, Haney, A. C. McCastlain, K. MyD88-dependent signals are essential for the host immune response in experimental brain abscess. J. Immunology 2007, 178: 4528-37

4. Nilufer Esen, Debbie Shuffield, Mohsin Md. Syed, and Tammy Kielian. Modulation of connexin expression and gap junction communication in astrocytes by the gram-positive bacterium S. aureus. Glia 2007, 55: 104-117

5. Sarita Garg, Mohsin Md. Syed and Tammy Kielian. Staphylococcus aureus-derived peptidiglycan induce Cx43 epression and functional gap junction intercellular communication in microglia. Journal of Neurochemistry 2005, 95, 475-485

6.Mohsin Md. Syed, Seunghoon Lee, Shigang He and Z. Jimmy Zhou. Spontaneous waves in the ventricular zone of developing mammalian retina. Journal of Neurophysiology- 91 (2004) pp: 1999-2004

7. Mohsin Md. Syed, Seunghoon Lee, Jijian Zheng and Z. Jimmy Zhou. Stage-dependent dynamics and modulation of spontaneous waves in the developing rabbit retina. J. Physiol 560.2 (2004) pp 533-549