Congratulations to the following teachers and their schools on being awarded an ArkanSONO 2021 STEM grant. The ArkanSONO team is excited to be able to help these teachers stimulate their students in STEM!

Whitney Bordelon (Forest Heights STEM Academy)

$1962 grant

Ms. Bordelon will be receiving 6 FLIR One Pro Infrared cameras for incorporation into her eighth grade Science, PreAP Science, Accelerated Physical Science, and Science Lab classes. This award is expected to affect 120 students in her classes each year. She will also make them available for a presentation with 75 fourth grade students who do a unit on Energy. The equipment will allow her students to explore infrared energy on units discussing the physics underlying waves.

Jackie Scott and RaeAnn Wood (Mann Magnet Middle School)

$3130 grant

Ms. Scott and Ms. Wood will be receiving several different Aerogarden Farm systems as well as Vernier Go Direct Sensors (e.g., PhotoGate, Weather system, Light and Color, Video Analysis: Motion and Sports, Climate and Meteorology, and charge stations). This award is expected to affect 100 students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade Lab Science and Physical Science Labs as well as lecture classes. The equipment will allow students to explore pollination, growth of plants and the effect of weather and the physics underlying speed and velocity.

Kellie Weeks (Central High School)

$2,248 grant

Ms. Weeks will be receiving some epithelial microscope slide sets, several pig dissection biokits, several student dissecting sets, and a human micro sexless torso. This award is expected to affect >100 students in the 11th and 12th grade in the Anatomy & Physiology class. The items will be used to engage students in hands on activities that explore body systems from the microscopic to the gross anatomical level.


Congratulations to all the teachers and their students!​