Summer 2020 Virtual Outreach Activities

Event Registration Forms Are Now Available!

Parents/guardians need to complete both the individual event registration form and the generic Summer Program Release form to register their child/guardian for these virtual STEM outreach events. A confirmation email will be sent to confirm registration and provide links for the online ZOOM events.

STEM Career Webinar Series

The ArkanSONO team is planning a weekly STEM Career Webinar for this summer on Wednesdays from noon until 1:30 pm. Each ZOOM session will include a practicing STEM Professional and a student studying to enter that field. Our team of STEM Ambassadors (high school students who participated in our SONOcamp 2019) will help moderate these sessions.

All Middle to High School students in Central Arkansas are invited to register for these ZOOM webinars. Audience members will be able to ask questions of our guest speakers.

Planned STEM speakers will include: students, nurses, physicians, engineers, therapists, veterinarians, computer programmers/game designers, dentists, and basic science researchers.


SCHEDULE (Wednesdays from 12-1:30 pm):

June 3rd         Nursing – Speakers: Paige Sellen, BSN, RN, and Lindsey Reynolds

June 10th       Basic Science Research – Speakers: Angela K. Odle, Ph.D., and Tiffany K. Miles

June 17th       Occupational and Physical Therapy – Speakers: Katie Drew, OT, and Kitrick Russell

June 24th      Veterinary Medicine – Speakers: Julie Pate, D.V.M., and Lauren Wise

July 1st           Engineering – Speakers: Adnan R. Qazi, P.E., and Tariq Mahairi

July 8th          Medical Laboratory Sciences – Speakers: Cherika N. Robertson, M.Ed., and Bhavika Raina

July 15th         Pediatric Cardiology – Speakers: Lindsay Arthur, M.D. and Alexandra Diaz-Cruz

July 22nd       Game Design – Speakers: Andy Martin and Stevie Petet

July 29th       Focus Session – Summer Participants in the STEM Career Webinars


Click to download the STEM Career Webinar registration and Summer Program Release forms.

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Virtual Science Fair

The ArkanSONO team will be hosting a Virtual Science Fair for elementary and middle school students this summer. Now open to any student in Arkansas who will be entering first through eighth grade this Fall are invited to register. There will be two different categories:

Science Experiment (open to students entering first through eighth grade).

This category is for those students interested in conducting their own pre-approved science experiment. The ArkanSONO staff accompanied by high school STEM Ambassadors and medical students will participate in periodic ZOOM sessions with all participants to provide guidance to participants. This science fair is envisioned as a STEM engaging activity and as such will not be judged for winners. Each participant will have the opportunity to provide a live/pre-recorded summary of their results. All participants will be mailed a printed Certificate of Participation at the end of the summer and have their first name, school, and project title posted on our website.

Scientific Principle/STEM Demonstration (students entering first through fourth grade).

This category is for elementary students who are interested in conducting at-home STEM activities that demonstrate a scientific principle. The ArkanSONO staff accompanied by high school STEM Ambassadors and medical students will participate in periodic ZOOM sessions with all participants to encourage STEM exploration during the summer months. Students will have an opportunity to explain what they did and what they discovered. All participants will be mailed a printed Certificate of Participation at the end of the summer. Each student’s first name, school, and activities will be posted on our website. Students entering first through fourth grade may register for this category as well as the science experiment category if desired.

All registrants will be assigned a team of Virtual Science Fair mentors consisting of 2-3 ArkanSONO STEM Ambassador High School Students, a UAMS faculty member and other ArkanSONO staff. The first ZOOM session will be a group orientation. The number of students in each subsequent ZOOM session will depend on the final number of registered participants in the Virtual Science Fair. The ArkanSONO Virtual SCIENCE Fair staff will provide feedback and guidance to all participants through these ZOOM sessions.

Project Restrictions: Research projects involving people or animals are not allowed. Dangerous chemicals or hazardous equipment cannot be used in any project. All experiments must be conducted with appropriate adult supervision in an environment that would not violate current social distancing guidelines established by the State of Arkansas. All proposed topics and experiments must be preapproved by the Virtual Science Fair staff and should not reflect work done by the student for any previous science fair.

The deadline for registering for the Scientific Experiment section of the 2020 Virtual Science Fair is June 22 with the final project due on July 13. A group recognition session will occur during the week of July 20.

Registration for the Scientific Principle Demonstration section will occur on a rolling basis from June 1 through July 10.

Participating students will be mailed a Certificate of Participation at the completion of the Virtual Science Fair as well as being recognized on our ArkanSONO website.

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Interactive Anatomy and Technology Webinar

These sessions will be broadcast live on ZOOM and open to any central Arkansas high school student who preregisters for the event. Our first session will focus on the cardiovascular system and will include the use of skeletons, heart models, pig/sheep hearts, an augmented reality heart app, 3D reconstructions of normal and pathological human hearts using the SECTRA Education Portal, live ultrasound scanning of human hearts on a standardized patient, use of an electronic stethoscope, normal and pathological heart sounds using a simulated manikin and other heart-related activities.
Subsequent sessions will focus on the:

  • respiratory system (lungs)
  • nervous system (brains)
  • digestive system

June 9th (1-3 pm): The Heart

June 23rd (1-3 pm): The Lungs

June 30th (1-3 pm): Ultrasound Focused Session on the body

July 7th (1-3 pm): 3D Reconstructions of CT scans of the body

July 14th (1-3 pm): History and Physical Exam

July 21th (1-3 pm): Brain and Nervous System

July 28th (1-3 pm): Focus session – Summer Participants in the Interactive Anatomy and Technology Webinars


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Stay tuned for updates to our schedules!

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What is the ArkanSONO program?

ArkanSONO is a technology based outreach exposure program for high school students in the Little Rock School District (LRSD) in central Arkansas. The goal of this program is to use the transformative power of point-of-care ultrasound and other imaging technologies to stimulate student interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields and careers. ArkanSONO is supported by a 5-year, $1.27 million dollar Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) grant from the NIGMS

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